Forde Abbey 10k: “A proper non-sanitised club level cross country racing at its best”

Forde Abbey 10k - Biggest BR turn-out for a race ever (30-06-2017)Ten (!) Bridport Runners and their guests Bella and John from Suffolk started in yesterday’s 2nd year of the ‘new’ Forde Abbey 10k ─ the best turn-out Bridport Runners have ever had in a race (or at least as long as Clive can remember). Set in the heart of West Dorset, the Forde Abbey 10k Cross Country is a renowned race that rolls through woodlands, meadows and a river (twice) on the stunning Forde Abbey Estate ─ or, as Adam puts it: “The Forde Abbey 10k is proper non-sanitised club level cross country racing at its best, packing climbing into the first half of the course and ankle turning terrain into the second.” No wonder then that the race attracted more than 300 runners this time. First Bridport Runner to finish was Ben, followed by Adam and Clive; official results to follow.Forde Abbey 10k - Vicky in the river (30-06-2017)

A week of rain prior to the race having softened the ground and made things just the right side of interesting. “Despite most of Bridport Runners contingent sporting tired legs prior to the event, or coming out of ‘retirement’ in Ben’s case, the race was enjoyed by all with only the odd fall into the river at the final river crossing to add to the fun”, comments Adam on the race. “At least, it meant you didn’t need to clean your shoes afterwards…” A nice BBQ in the rain in front of Hagen’s house afterwards (“Was it drizzling by then? What drizzle?”, asks Claire) completed an already enjoyable evening to a great race.