Bicton Blister and Blister Lite: No leisurely Sunday stroll!

Bridport Runners have participated in a new race this Sunday which will surely make it on the short list for next year’s race calendar: the Bicton Blister (10 mile race) and the Blister Lite (4.5 miles).  A group of eight Bridport Runners made their way to Bicton College from where the two races started at a reasonable time, which was 11:00. While four Bridport ladies – Vicky, Niamh, Ruth and Nancy – choose the Blister Lite, the four men – Brian, Tony, John (Riley) and Hagen – started in the 10 miler. So there was definitely something in it for everyone (if you didn’t mind the cool temperature and chilly winds).

The crowd of runners on the day consisted to a large extent of members from local running Clubs from Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall – from “A” like Axe Valley Runners to “Y” like Yeovil Town RCC. A staggering 448 runners finished the 10 mile course, another 106 did the shorter Bicton Blister. In the Blister Lite, the first Bridport Runner to finish was …… Vicky (welcome back!) in 46 minutes 27 seconds as No. 44, second was Ruth (48:22), then Niamh (49:58) and Nancy (56:39). In the 10 miler, John crossed the finish line as first Bridport runner in 1 hrs. 30 min. 14 sec., followed by Hagen (1:31:23), Tony (1:50:40) and Brian (1:54:16). See the Bicton Blister results here and the Blister Lite results here.

The course was set as a multi-terrain race on Woodbury Common in East Devon, starting and finishing at Bicton College. While start and finish were short road sections , the remainder of the race was going over sandy, stony and muddy paths across the Commons with some nice ankle-twisting stretches going through woodland. The Bicton Lite had the same start and finish, but just less distance on the Commons. In the end (fortunately the finish was on road and mainly downhill), every finisher received a warm welcome and a nice tech shirt for her or his efforts.