Clive completes London Marathon and puts a chapter behind him

Clive after finishing London Marathon 2017Clive has successfully completed the London Marathon today in a time of 3:33:41 hrs. He finished as number 6,954 out of almost 40,400 starters and was ranked 219th in his age group (55-59 years). Clive who had received his place via the club was representing Bridport Runners in this prestigious event. Well done, Clive – congratulations!

Clive’s start today means that he can now close a chapter which he had opened more than three decades ago: It was his second attempt with the London Marathon after entering but unfortunately not finishing the race in 1986. “I had not been near the event since but I am very pleased that, more than 30 years later, I could finish what I started”, commented Clive after the race.

Clive also used today’s race to raise funds for the official charity of the marathon 2017, ‘Heads Together’. This charity aims to tackle the stigma that still exists around mental health issues and also help people find the mental health support they need, when they need it. Clive’s fund raising page ist still open for donations.

Next ‘From Couch to 5k’ starts with new qualified coaches in the morning, 9th of May

br-jess-rachel-and-tess-after-the-great-south-run-23-10-2016Bridport Runners’ next beginners class  ‘From Couch to 5k’ will bring a time change and two new qualified coaches, as well. The six weeks’ course which is once again tailored to get every participant fit to run 5 kilometres (about 3 miles) without stopping will start Tuesday, 9 May, for the first time in the morning, at 9:30 am, from the Bridport Football Club car park. The course will be run by two qualified coaches from Bridport Runners, Brian Shelley and John Smith. The course will last six weeks and will cost £12. To take part, anyone interested can contact Brian by email or phone (01308 459942) beforehand or just come to the first training on the morning of the 9th of May.

While Brian passed his test to become a qualified Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) last autumn, John has just recently become Bridport Runners’ third new coach, according to the rules of United Kingdom Athletics (UKA). He passed his final assessment successfully together with nine other applicants in Exeter mid of March “after a long, tough but rewarding day of delivering two coaching sessions under the watchful eyes of two UKA assessors”, says John. The sessions marked the end of a good year of theoretic and practical training. “My reason for doing the course was to qualify as a coach with the aim of passing on new found knowledge and skills to help other athletes achieve their own goals”, said John.

Bridport Runners are proud and happy to have now a talented group of five qualified Leaders and Coaches in Running Fitness.

Exe to Axe 2017: Tony from couch to 22 miles

If you’ve every wondered how much good training and determination can really do for your running, here’s the living proof: Tony, who started in Bridport Runner’s 2nd beginners class ‘From couch to 5k’ three years ago, completed the gruesome 22 miles long “Exe to Axe” last weekend and thanked his coach afterwards: “A big thanks to Brian who gave me confidence to run.”

Tony remembered how he began running about three years ago, starting ‘Couch to 5k’: “Approaching 50, slightly overweight, it has not come easy. So now for my first 20+ miler, the Exe to Axe. Described as a very hard Southwest coastal run. But you’ll never know just how hard, until you take part.” In its 15th year, the event was once again hosted and well organised by Sidmouth Running Club. The “brute of a race with some extraordinary views”, according to RunnersWorld April edition, is as tough as it can get. Club mate Dean agrees: “I think that was the most brutal run ever.” And Dean was lucky, as he finished the course from Exmouth to Seaton as the first Bridport Runner in about 4 hours 22 minutes. See all the final results here and the picture gallery on the following page.

Together with Dean and Tony, four more Bridport Runners undertook the challenge: Brian, John Riley, Ben Loudon and Hagen. Ben was, by the way, the only Bridport Runner who completed … Continue reading

Bridport Runners’ AGM 2017

Bridport Runners are holding their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 29th of March, at 7.45 pm in The George in Bridport. Besides the usual formalities, the agenda has a vote on the Club fees in store, reports of the standing committee members and the election of new members for the committee. “We would love to see as many runners at the AGM as possible and would greatly appreciate your attendance”, says Chair Brian. “It’s an opportunity to review the year and for you to let us know what you would like to see in the coming year.” In addition, Bridport Runners are always looking for volunteers to support the club and join the committee. So, please, Bridport Runners: Come numerous and with fresh ideas!

The Grizzly 2017 ─ an epic tale about an epic race

 The Grizzly 2017 Clive in the Grizzly 2017 (12-03-2017)(this year’s slogan was “Pearl’s a Stinger”) turned out to be an epic race for three of Bridport Runners’ finest runners ─ Clive, John (Riley) and Sam. And despite all the mental and physical pain that this great event has in store for its participants, Sam praised it afterwards in an epic tale:

“T’was a gloomy morning in Seaton, the air prickled with moisture and anticipation for one of the countries’ finest, and most historic, mass acts of masochism. They say this was the 30th Grizzly, but I am privy to information that its history is pre-roman, when the Seatonians used to run over the hill dressed in ancient Bear onesies, assault the Beerites with insults then retreat hastily to the relative safety of their swamp. But enough of the trivialities, all was set, the bananas were nearly ripe, the flapjacks were being cooked and the mass airdrop of jelly babies to the isolated Grizzly communities of Branscombe and beyond had been done. To the sonorous voice of the Town Crier proclaiming ‘God Save the Queen’, and ‘Get on with it then’, 2000 foolhardy runners took to the beach with optimism, a fresh pair of legs and at least 10 gel packs each.   Continue reading