Dorset Mental Health Forum gets donation from 2017 Bridport Jurassic Coast Run for sports and social project “Reach”

Dorset Mental Health Forum gets donation from Bridport Jurassic Coast Run (26 April 2018)Bridport Runners and Brit Valley Rotary Club, the organisers of the annual Bridport Jurassic Coast Run, have given a donation of £1,000 to a local project which is run by the independent mental health charity, the Dorset Mental Health Forum: The Forum project “Reach”, which has been running for eight years, acknowledges how important getting out, being active and social is for everyone but especially for those in recovery from mental health issues. Reach aims to encourage people to take part in a county wide range of daily sports and social activities from friendly coffee groups through to fast paced seven-a-side football, all of which led by a Forum peer worker. Continue reading

Clive on a 50-miles-mission

Clive after the Bubcombe Trail Ultra (28-04-2018)Lovely landscape, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) and a route around six pubs in the Mendip Hills. Sounds like a nice run? Only downside: it’s bloody 50 miles long ... This is the Butcombe Trail Ultramarathon in which Clive started around 7 am this morning. 12 hours later he texted: “That was so hard. Not quite sure why I did it but I’m proud to have done 50 miles. Now I have a craving for a large cold beer and a pork pie.” Well, we don’t really know either why you did it, Clive, but If there was ever anyone who deserved a beer after a race, it’s probably you. Well done!

Who wants to start in the Bournemouth Marathon for free?

Logo Bournemouth Marathon FestivalOnce more, Bridport Runners have been offered a free place for this year’s Bournemouth Marathon Festival, which takes place on 6th and 7th of October. “It’s a great run with beautiful views which zig zag around Bournemouth and Poole”, praises Vicky. She knows what she’s talking about as she entered the Bournemouth Marathon Festival in 2013 as first Bridport Runner together with Ben and Kazy. In later years, so did Gill and Jodie, Sam, Ben and Niamh, Debbie, Lucy and Sam, Sarah, Karen and Debbie. Any Bridport Runner interested, please reply to Vicky by email by Wednesday 2nd May the latest. If there’s interest from more than one person, the winner will be drawn out of a hat.

Sam and Amy finish hot London Marathon

Sam after LON marathon 2018It was hot, it was crowded, it was fast – but both Amy Day and Sam Rose finished their London Marathon races today under these tougher conditions. Sam who was running on the free Bridport Runners’ Club place completed the 26.2 miles in 3 hrs. 51 min. 40 sec. Amy achieved a time of 3:56:35 and managed to get under 4 hours for the first time in London. It was the third appearance in London for both Sam and Amy; find all London marathon results here.

More than 41,000 runners had started in the 38th edition of the prestigious event which was predicted to be one of the hottest London Marathons ever. “I think it was more like 25 than 23 degrees, and there were people collapsing all over the place!”, Sam said afterwards.

Amy agreesAmy after LON marathon 2018, writing on her Facebook page: “I had a plan A and a plan B and then a plan C if everything went badly wrong! At 9.30am Sunday morning I chose plan B, the safer option and I am so glad I did, today was not a day to take risks or go out too fast.”

Not only did both Amy and Sam Despite endure a tough training programme but they also raised money for charities: Amy for Macmillan cancer support and Sam for MHE and Me UK. Their sponsoring pages are still open for donations. Well done to both athletes and congratulations to your achievements!

Kazy third time around the Brighton Marathon: “I know every metre of that course”

Kazy after her 3rd Brighton Marathon (16-04-2018)Kazy ran the Brighton marathon yesterday but not for the first, but for her third time. You might call that a “serious recidivist” – or someone who just loves the event so much. “Yes, I know every metre of the Brighton marathon, and as I lived there for ten years before moving here, I know also every centimetres”, said Kazy after the race which she finished in 4:05 hr (see results here). Commenting on her own result, Kazy said that she was quite pleased with it, bearing in mind “that it was quite hard for me to come back after a longer break and only three distance training runs”. And it’s worth mentioning that it was also her 15th marathon. Well done, Kazy!