Jess: “I would never have dreamed of doing a half-marathon before joining Bridport Runners!”

BATHALF - Jess after the race (12-03-2017)Six Bridport Runners gave their best today in four really challenging races. While Jess took on her first half-marathon, the BATHALF 2017, Adam ran the Larmer Tree Marathon and secured himself a place on the podium. Clive, Sam and John Riley started in the 30th edition of The Grizzly 2017 – Pearl’s A Stinger, and Chris Montieth did the Weymouth Half Marathon. Well done to all of you!

In the Bath Half Marathon, the 36th edition of that famous road running race,  Jess finished in a time of 2 hours, 11 minutes and 16 seconds (see all results here). It was her first half-marathon race and a good result after the tough training plan she had completed with the help of Coach Brian. “It was really busy – so many runners and spectators!”, said Jess after the race, still overwhelmed by the wonderful atmosphere in Bath. Although she was a little slower than she had hoped, Jess was pleased to have completed her first half-marathon. “I would never have dreamed of doing a half-marathon before joining Bridport Runners. Brian’s eight week training programme got me through it.”

Meanwhile, Adam started in the Larmer Tree Marathon at Rushmore Estate. In the field of 311 runners he came in 3rd in 3 hours 33 minutes (see results here)! Regarding his strategy, Adam had decided to play it risky and ran off from the start with the leaders – only to find himself running along the eventual winner from mile 13 to 18. “That was when I blew up, and from there it was more or less damage limitation until the finish. He lost the second place at mile 22, but it could have been a lot worse, said Adam and concluded: “Proof that doing something stupid occasionally pays off.”

While Clive finished the shorter 9 miles run (The Cub) as 35th out of nearly 500 runners in 1:25 hrs., Sam and John completed the full 21 mile distance as position number 520 in 3:40:54 hrs. (Sam) and position 841 in 4:05:41 hrs, (John); see their results here.

The Bridport Jurassic Coast Run (10k and Half) is back!

Logo Bridport Jurassic Coast Run 2014 (final logo)In its fifth year, the Bridport Jurassic Coast Run has become a community event and a recommended race among club runners from all over the Southwest. This years’ 10k and half-marathon races will, hopefully, be no different and draw even more ambitious runners to West Bay on Sunday, 6 August, when the event kicks off at 10:30 near The Old Salt House. The Bridport Jurassic Coast Run, which is once more organised by local community groups Bridport Runners and Brit Valley Rotary Club, will be a major attraction during West Bay Days celebration the same day.

Registration for the races is now open online through the websites of Runners World and RunBritain; see “Bridport Jurassic Coast Run” under “Events” or “Races”. Entrance forms are also available on Bridport Runners’ website and the Club’s Facebook page. Read more on our special Bridport Jurassic Coast Run page.

Hameldown Hammer: Who needs downhill?

Elevation chart Hameldown HammerLonger, steeper, tougher ─ Adam just found (himself) another race in this category: the Hameldown Hammer, a half-marathon race at Widecombe-in-the-Moor which took place last Sunday. The race contained a lot of steep (!) hills and started right away with a 3 mile climb, which, according to Adam “was a truly delightful warm-up, the course alternating between boggy moorland and rock strewn paths with a healthy helping of water thrown in for good measure.” The final 3 miles were more or less a repeat of the first three and should have been a fast coast back to the finish … but they “turned into hell”, as mist closed in on the runners and wind speeds hit 40mph after climbing back onto the high moor. The event proved again that Bridport Runners may be good going up-hill “but we’re not that great Continue reading

Youth Club receives donation from Bridport Jurassic Coast Run to continue to develop sports activities

Jurassic Coast Run donation to Bridport Youth Centre (15-02-2017)Bridport Youth Club is the beneficiary of a donation of £1,000, given by Brit Valley Rotary Club and Bridport Runners to the Youth Club’s management yesterday. The money is aimed at establishing and developing sports activities in the Club which depends on private donations since Dorset County Council stopped funding the Club in autumn 2016. Half of the amount was raised from entrance fees of last year’s Bridport Jurassic Coast Run, while the other half was donated by Brit Valley Rotary Club from their local charity fund.

For the last three years the two community groups have been supporting local projects which are helping children and youngsters to take part in sporting activities or being physically active. Former recipients were the Cross Country squad at the Sir John Colfox Academy and special needs children from Mountjoy School.

Bridport Runners’ Chair Brian Shelley who will join the Youth Club’s Trust Board, said: “Youngsters, especially aged between 12 and 16, need regular sports to support their physical and mental development. Some of them begin to turn into ambitious athletes at that age. We hope that the joint donation of our two community clubs will help in establishing the right activities for these young people.”

Brian also announced that the new edition of this year’s Bridport Jurassic Coast Run will take place on Sunday, 6th of August, during West Bay Days and will consist of a 10k and a half-marathon race again.

CTS Lulworth: “Unfinished business” closed

For some it was “unfinished business”, for others it was just a distance they hadn’t done on this course, yet: The CTS Dorset in Lulworth Cove is one of the toughest, if not the toughest cross-country run in the Southwest, as many Bridport Runners will testify. Last Sunday, Kazy, Claire and Clive and hopefully soon-to-become-Bridport-Runner Chris Monteith competed in three different distances – the 10k (Clive), the half-marathon (Kazy and Claire) and the Ultra (Chris) … and they all came back with quite a story to tell.

But first for the results: Clive ran the 10k in 55:54 which made him 17th overall and fastest in his age group. Congratulations! Kazy finished the half-marathon in 3 hrs. 27 min. and 8 sec. and Claire in 3:50:05 (she ran a bit extra). Chris came home from the Ultra in 06:53:09 – not that time would matter over such a long distance on such an extreme course. Well done, to all of you! See all results here.

Clive was very pleased with his result and immediately did the maths: “I was really pleased to get 17th out of 228 and win my age group (MV55) by over 7 minutes! Interestingly, the amount of climbing in the 10K was approximately 310 metres, so it is almost identical to our Jurassic 10K.” Kazy seemed to be less interested in her result (“I think I got a respectable 4th female vet, a tiny bit slower than before I won the category that year.”) but was happy to have a familiar run near home: “It feels more friendly somehow. The run is absolutely stunning with its views, and the event is exceptionally well organised!”

Only Claire was understandably a bit disappointed: “I’m annoyed because I ran it this year in order to lay it to rest after missing out two years ago when I was ill. So I really wanted to just get it done. The problem was, I ended up running a bit of the marathon route because I blindly followed a marathon runner. I only realised after I got to the top of the hill! I think it took me about 20 minutes of going the wrong way and standing around wondering what to do!” Well, Claire there’s for sure another CTS run next year!