‘From Couch to 5k’ running course runs for the 10th time

It started as a small experiment almost six years ago, when Bridport Runners launched their first ‘From Couch to 5k’. This year, the Bridport based running club will hold the 10th edition of their popular six weeks’ training program which will get every participant fit to run 5 kilometres (about 3 miles) without stopping – whether they had any or no experience in running before. Over the years, more than 90 women and men have completed the course, and many have continued running. The new training program will start Wednesday, 24th of April (four days before the London Marathon), from 5:45 to 7:00 pm at the Bridport Football Club car park; costs are, once more, £12. Training sessions will be held every consecutive Wednesday night for six weeks and will be led by Bridport Runners’ qualified coaches. To take part, please contact Brian Shelley (tel. 01308 459942) beforehand or just turn up to the training on the first evening.

New coaching rota for spring/summer is out

Bridport Runners’ new coaching rota for spring and summer 2019 is out. Have a look, click on the new rota and see what’s expecting you on a Wednesday night training. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us for these sessions which take place every Wednesday night at 6:00 pm from Bridport Football Club car park.

“The Big Cheese: the bigger and meaner brother of The Stickler”

“I love cheese, but ‘The Big Cheese’ tested that love to its limits!”, says Jess (Maskrey) after taking part in last Sunday’s 15-mile race, organised by Cheddar Running Club. “The Big Cheese is The Sticklers bigger and nastier brother”, Adam hits the nail on the head. “The hills were longer and larger, there was an additional five miles to contend with and the paths were rock strewn.” But despite the terrifying challenge of a 15-mile category B fell race in the hills surrounding Cheddar, seven Bridport Runners made their way up north – and one of them almost won The Big Cheese!

See all results and read Jess M.’s race report: “Now, I love cheese … but ‘The Big Cheese’ tested that love to its limits! A 15mile fell race in the hills surrounding Cheddar with the prospect of cheese for the winners and podium places. I wasn’t getting ahead of myself thinking I could win, but I knew Ben R was racing, so cheese was on the cards! Continue reading

Ben runs sub 2:30 hr. on The 2019 Grizzly

Ben Renshaw, in the middle of training for this year’s Paris marathon, ran a frankly unbelievable time of 2:29:02 in yesterday’s 2019 Grizzly (“Trails of the Unexpected”) and finished 6th out of more than 1,600 runners. “To put that in perspective, Ben was running at 3:24 marathon pace”, explains race editor Adam. “but had to contend with over 3,000 feet of climbing, two rivers, two bogs, two stretches of beach and the infamous stairway to heaven – a long flight of very steep steps to climb the 400 feet from the beach to Beer Head.

Ben’s victory was the high point of a strong Bridport Runner’s team, consisting of Adam, Chris, Gill, Jessame and Rachael. Here are their preliminary results (Axe Valley Runners as the organisers have yet to post the final results on their website).

GRIZZLY RESULTS (1,601 runners)

6th – Ben Renshaw – 2:29:02

72nd – Adam Slater – 2:50:33

108th – Chris Monteith – 2:57:22

779th – Rachel Moss – 4:00:19

CUB RESULTS (590 runners):

278th – Gillian Brooks – 1:59:15

281st – Jessame Coulson – 1:59:30

“The 2019 Grizzly was preceded by a week of rain, so I think we all know where this one was heading”, reports Adam about the race. “19 and a bit miles of mud, mud and more mud, and the day itself did not disappoint.  Continue reading

Entries for Bridport Jurassic Coast Run, 11 August 2019, are open / See animated course video

The Bridport Jurassic Coast Run 2019 is open for entries now. In its 7th year, the well-known race event in the South West has once more a tough 10k(ish) course and an even tougher half-marathon (two loops of the 10k) along the beautiful Jurassic Coast on offer, leading runners all the way up from West Bay to the second highest hill on the South Coast, Thorncombe Beacon, down to Seatown and back. You can see an animated video of the course here for the 10k and here for the half-marathon. The races will start Sunday, 11 August 2019, 10:30am, from the promenade in West Bay, Bridport. Online entries can be accessed via Full on Sport. 

Both races are, once more, classified as fell races by The Fell Runners Association (license number 2019-6112). Winning time for the 10k last year (and course record so far) was 44:21, run by Neil Wicks from Worcester Tri Club. The winning time on the half-marathon 2018 was 1:39:05 by Ruth Barnes from Avon Valley Runners who had won the half-marathon the previous year, as well. More information on our special Bridport Jurassic Coast Run page.