The Bridport Jurassic Coast Runner

About three years ago, in autumn of 2015, Clive, Erin, Helen and Hagen got together to discuss a new project which had been born (probably out of some run) to publish a book about what makes people run. Not just anyone, but specifically people who choose to run (at least some of the time) along our beautiful Jurassic Coast – from Exmouth to Studland Bay.

While we did not know exactly at the beginning what it would look like, we were pretty sure that it shouldn’t be a book about going faster or further, nothing about racing or race tips or recommendations about running gear.

We rather wanted something which explained why we run and what made us go out running, even in phases of our lives which were … let’s call them: challenging. So, it was also meant as a book describing the benefits and joy of running and moving your body – physically, mentally and spiritually, as well. And hopefully these interviews, stories and articles would encourage others to explore running for themselves, especially along the Jurassic Coast.

The intention was good. Helen, Erin and Hagen started with the first interviews, and Clive took some brilliant pictures. Clive also designed the first portrait of Les, our oldest Bridport Runner, which we presented at the Bridport Runners’ Christmas Do (see here) … but then life got in the way for all of us. The project rested.

Well, actually it seemed quite dead, until Claire came up with it again this year in a Bridport Runners’ committee meeting, asking what had happened to it and that it had been such a good idea. This is why Clive and Hagen looked into it again.

By that time we knew that it wouldn’t work out publishing a book if you didn’t have the right audience for it, enough runner profiles with excellent pictures to show, and the funds to print and advertise it properly. Which we, as Bridport Runners, simply don’t have at the moment. Also it shouldn’t be just two people working on it. That’s why we came up with the idea of doing an online blog first. And this is where Clive and Hagen ask for your help if we want to continue the project: Clive has reserved the online domain  (, he has also worked with a web design-software called Rapid Weaver which can make beautiful websites. We already have four to five runner profiles/interviews finished which, of course, would need an update. And through years of following Bridport Runners on races and tours, we also have a nice collection of pictures of runners.

What we need next is a designated team of volunteers (just like on the Bridport Jurassic Coast Run) who would – with the help of Clive and Hagen – design a new website and fill it over time, slowly but steadily, with more profiles of runners. Maybe someone knows an eager A-level student on a computing course who would be willing to create a blog page for us? Or we find a generous sponsor who pays for the initial set-up of the blog page (we do have two quotes already)? And eventually, when we have enough profiles together this will become a printed book on its own.

Now wouldn’t that be something?!

If you are interested in becoming part of a new working team to create this blog/book, please let Hagen or Clive know. We’ll get you all together to do the next step.

Many thanks!