Fancy a funny dress for the upcoming Sports Relief Mile?

“The Bridport Mile” or Sports Relief Mile is just a few days ahead and picking up interest, according to registration numbers. The charity race is starting Sunday, March 23rd, at 11:40 am at St Mary’s School and is jointly organised by St Mary’s School and Bridport Runners. It is offering participants the choice of running (with or without fancy dresses) one, three or six miles; everyone who is interested can enter on the day or via the website. After having successfully completed the Blackmore Vale and the Bath Half Marathon earlier on this year, … the Bridport Mile and the upcoming Bridport Jurassic Coast Run on Sunday, July 13th, are the next major events in Bridport Runners’ “B series”, an unofficial series of races which all start with the letter B.

The Bridport Mile is part of a nationwide series of over 1,000 sporting events taking place between March 21st and 23rd across the UK. It is aiming to raise money “to help people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world”, according to initiator, UK charity Comic Relief. Held for the first time in Bridport in March 2012, the event at that time raised over a £1,000, together with entrance fees and sponsoring, and attracted more than 100 runners of all ages.

“Unfortunately only two of them ran in fancy dresses, but I am sure Bridport can do a lot better in terms of costumes this time”, says Brian Shelley. The Bridport Runners Chair remembers the Club’s participation in the Bath Half beginning of this month, where Bridport Runners ran along people costumed as super heroes, Tarzans, fruits and even giant boobs and a running toilet!