BATHALF 2014: What an atmosphere!

More than 11,300 runners participated in yesterday’s traditional Bath Half Marathon – and at least five of them came from Bridport. Brian, Claire, Clive, Erin and Hagen were overwhelmed by the incredible atmosphere along the roads, with around 30,000 spectators filling the streets of Bath, music bands along the way, and lots of runners in funny costumes (though it does feel strange to be overtaken by a giant boop, a running toilet or a half-naked Tarzan). Local support from Bridport Runners came from Vicky and Ben, who had driven all the way to Bath to cheer their club mates on. So it comes as no surprise, that under these conditions all Bridport Runners improved their times from the Blackmore Vale Half and came in under two hours, with Clive (picture) finishing first at 1:36:54. You can read more about the BATHALF here, look up the results here, and there even is a nice video (about 4 minutes long). Watch real closely ─ you might find one Bridport Runner in it!