“Great way of pushing yourself to run faster”

While the last 5k race at Poundbury was only a trial run, yesterday’s event attracted 36 serious runners with the Bridport Runners clearly in the lead. Ben finished first over the five lap course in a little bit more than 17 minutes, Sam came in 2nd, Clive 10th and Vicky 18th. Organised by local running club Maiden Newton Runners and Total Buzz Events this Poundbury 5k was the first of a series of three runs taking place on Wednesday evenings. While Clive praised both the weather and the organisers (“It was a much nicer evening than last time ─ fairly warm and dry. Good organisation and a great way of pushing yourself to run a bit faster than the normal club runs.”), the only letdown was that Sam did not win a free meal this time! Here are the results of the race.