London Marathon 2019: “Support is legendary and spirit of human kindness is out of this world”

Simon in his latest London Marathon experience, running for Macmillan Cancer support

Bridport Runners’ member Simon Jordan recently completed the epic 26.2 miles for the second time. Here is his race report.

“The London Marathon is a once (or twice in my case) in a lifetime event that everyone should do. It’s like a 26.2 mile party. The support is legendary and the spirit of human kindness is out of this world. People from all walks of life cheering you on.

The 2019 event started chilly with a bit of wind so we all huddled together in our areas to keep warm before we were finally ushered over the start line. I broke my race down into 5 mile chunks which made it more manageable . There were more drinks stations than you could want and so many people offering out sweets to keep you going. The Cutty Sark was the first point to aim for at 6 miles, then Tower Bridge at halfway. Then it was on to Canary Wharf.

Overall it was a great race but my thing to remember next tie is don’t take out of date gel packs. I finally crossed the line and felt the relief it had ended. It was hard and 24 hours later I’m still feeling it but have a smile on my face and a medal to add to my collection. Two words I’ll leave you with: Do it!”