Little stampede on the Montacute parkrun

This is the thing about running in a rural environment like ours – you always have to be prepared for nature’s surprises. Like having cows on a race course which delayed the start of this morning’s parkrun at Montacute House near Yeovil! But thanks to brave marshals becoming cowboys and a good-spirited crowd of close to 200 runners nobody seemed to mind the delay of 15 minutes. To protect the runners from the cows (or maybe the other way around), there was also a variation of the normal course through the park of Montacute House which is far from being flat like most other parkruns.

Bridport Runners attended with a strong force of seven members (Brian, Clive, Jess, Ruth, Tanya, Tony Logan and Hagen). The Club also saw its first ever three-generation-race as Brian was accompanied by son Adam and grandson Tom who started in his first race (and left poor granddad behind)! First Bridport Runner to finish was Clive as 21st overall in 23:34 min., followed by Tony (31st) and Hagen (41st). See all results here.