Bicton Blister mixes up leaderboard in Club championship

Last weekend’s Bicton Blister (10 miles) brought some major changes in the leaderboard of Bridport Runners’ Club championship. The race (which, as Sam describes it in his latest report, “ain’t for anyone looking out for posh medals and clean trainers”) saw Adam overtake Chris for second place, Jess overhauling Vicky and Tony Logan, and Wendy getting onto the leaderboard in 12th place. More than 420 runners from allover the southwest participated in this race which has been on Bridport Runners’ race calendar for the third year now. See all results here.

“Led to believe (by Brian) that the Bicton Blister was a dull trudge around bandit country where the locals were unfriendly and the terrain sucked you down into the never ending abyss of red sticky mud, some of us signed up for it anyway because it was on the Club Championship, and it was only £13 quid!”, starts Sam his race report. “However, never, in perhaps his or our lifetimes,… has our Glorious Leader – Lord of Victoria Grove, the Supreme Run-One, the One True Runner to Lead Them All – been more abjectly wrong! I think I speak for Adam, Mike, Jess, Rachel, Ray, Glynis, Wendy and myself when I say that it was a lovely run, a glorious undulating race through the beautiful heathlands and woods of East Devon.

Jess commented how much like Scotland it was, so much so that she was hallucinating bagpipes, only to find see and hear the lone piper just before the half way mark! But to give you a summary of the 10 mile route …

It is about 1.5 miles on country road, then forest track for 2 miles more up to the heaths. It is mainly uphill for the first half, with some steep short hills but mostly gentle. This is no Stickler! The heathland continues another 2 miles up to the halfway mark – and highest point – at Woodbury Castle, which is oddly castle-less!

The next mile or so is undulating on the heath then heads down through a narrow track in some woods. Back up to the top and then a further 2-3 miles through woodland trails – a bit like a forest ski run.. not many passing places but a joy to run through. You then rejoin the trail (with one short agonising hill) and then back on the road home. There was a lot of mud, puddles, small rivers and bog which made it a real treat for cross-country fans.

Adam left me for dead after about 500m and came in at 1.09 placed… I have no idea what else to say about his run as with his customary grunt and ‘it was owight’, he was clearly at the peak of his descriptive powers!

As for me, I started way too fast and nearly succumbed to Wynns law at about 4 miles, but held in there to come at a respectable 1.18. Mike followed soon after with a massively impressive (and typically understated) 1.23, with Rachel storming in a few minutes later. Jess then did the most magnificent finish line sprint (but if you can sprint at the end you haven’t worked hard enough in the race!!) although it perhaps took a bit more out of her than she thought…. Ray, shortly followed by Glynis valiantly brought the team home, and all were well and accounted for. Exact timings to follow when Exmouth Harriers get their act together

So if you want posh medals, clean trainers and a nice goody bag, this race ain’t for you, but if you want a lovely romp through the East Devon heathlands, a warm fuzzy (if slightly wobbly and dehydrated) glow and yet another technical top (this one was long sleeved), then book up now!”