Bridport Mind Fest: Feel the well-being effect of running

Bridport Runners will support the Bridport Mind Fest coming Saturday, 6 October, by linking running with a positive mental health message. The local running club will not only inform the public about the physical and mental benefits of running but also do a few warm-up exercises before guiding anyone interested on a gentle jog around their own ‘wellbeing loop’. Clive Whaley, Bridport Runner coach and mental health ambassador of the Club, will give an introduction into running as an active tool of gaining and sustaining mental health and the Club’s approach to Wellbeing at Bucky Doo Square at 11:45. The free fun session at St. Mary’s Playing Fields will start around 12:00 noon and will consist of some exercises and the wellbeing loop, a 2.5 kilometre course. No former running experience or fitness level required, only a pair of trainers or running shoes!

“This is aimed at people who may be completely new to running or to people who want to learn about the mental health benefits of taking part in regular exercise”, explains Clive Whaley. “We will cater for all standards, and there will probably be as much walking as running to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind.”

Bridport Runners have considerable experience in supporting members with mental health problems. The Club set up their own ‘well-being group’ in 2016, which offers an easy start into running and a welcoming environment for people with mental health issues. The group has become a regular addition to the weekly training session. This year, Bridport Runners and Brit Valley Rotary Club, organisers of the annual Jurassic Coast Run, have given a donation of £1,000 to ‘Reach’, a project by the independent mental health charity, the Dorset Mental Health Forum.