Bripdort Runners offer new course ‘5k and beyond’

Bridport Runners are providing a new course, called ‘5k and beyond’, for all active people who are interested in running and want to extend their reach beyond a ParkRun distance. The course is provided by Bridport Runners and delivered by United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) qualified Coaches and Leaders in Running Fitness. It is a follow-on from the ‘Couch to 5kclasses that Bridport Runners have provided successfully over previous seasons and the Well-being running group held by the Club on Wednesdays since 2016. 

The new course also aims to cater for the more able runner returning to or revisiting the basics of their running practice. It has been designed around the UKA ‘RunTogether’ training plan ‘keep me going’ and will be incorporated into the ‘RunTogether Group’ of Bridport Runners.

The course will consist of six sessions until the end of October, commencing Friday 21st September at 6:00 pm at The Bees carpark in Bridport (opposite of the Bridport Leisure Centre). Cost of this course (payable on registration) is £15 which can be offset against Club membership fee for the remaining season; existing Bridport Runners Club members go free.