There’s more to Bridport Runners than just running

Some Bridport Runners are not only keen runners: They also show great interest in other sports – just take Nic and Vicky. Nic (picture) who’s a long-time swimmer competes in aquathlon races while Vicky lately tried abseiling for the first time! Last week, both participated in very specific challenges in Weymouth and Portsmouth.

Vicky and her sister Emma roped down the 100 metres high Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and were using the opportunity to raise donations for the Ronald McDonald House in Southampton (her donation-page is still open).

A couple of days earlier, Nic had competed in Bustinskin’s Wednesdays’ aquathlons and finished 20th out of 70 athletes. Well done, all of you! Read Nic’s report – and learn a lot about the right technique, transitions from swim to run and the ‘Moulinex mixer mode’.

“Aquathalon, if you are not familiar with it, is an event that combines a swim and a run in one race. It’s usually a swim followed by a run to avoid cramp whilst swimming. The distances vary but a popular version of this event is a one kilometre swim followed by a 5k run.

Such was the distance at Bustinskin’s last evening event held every Wednesday from June until the end of August. Wednesday 20th was the third in the series, and at about 6.00 in the evening there was a fair bit of ‘chop’ on the water and a strong south-westerly breeze. By the 7.00pm start time the wind had pulled round to the north and this dampened the swell a bit. 70 of us lined up on the beach and after the health and safety talk plus course directions we were off. 

I tend to swim on the right of the start line because I breathe on the left, and I can keep an eye on the pack. I’ve learnt over the years to avoid being caught up in the maelstrom and swim my own race avoiding having to swim over people who where a bit optimistic about their positioning at the start. On a personal note, I decided not to go into ‘Moulinex mixer’ mode and instead try to relax in the swim and concentrate on technique and was rewarded with my fastest swim in ten years, just goes to show.

Transitions are very important as I found out to my cost when exiting the water in 12th and then being passed by five people in transition pushing me down to 17th. The 5k run is an out-and-back course along the esplanade opposite Lodmore in Preston. Unfortunately there’s a steep hill at the beginning, and you encounter it again back at the finish where I lost three more places to some young whippersnappers in a sort of sprint finish i.e. they sprinted, I couldn’t!

It was a great evening! There’s always a bit of a party atmosphere and lots families. The event is always very well organised, and there’s no shortage of volunteers on and off the water. So, 20th out of 70, I’ll take that!”