Adam and Chris come first and second in Maverick Original Dorset race (middle distance)

Adam Slater in Maverick.pngNow, if that wasn’t a successful debut! Five Bridport Runners participated for the first time in the Maverick inov-8 Original Dorset middle distance race (16 kilometres) on the Isle of Purbeck – and Adam won it in 1 hr. 15 min. 9 seconds! Second came another quick Bridport Runner, Chris, in a time of 1:18:37! Next Bridport Runners to finish in a field of 135 competitors were Tony as 56th in 1:48:51, Vicky (72nd) in 1:50:58 and Ruth in 1:57:48 (90th). See all results here.

Winner Adam praised both the course and the organisation of the event: “Purbeck is an amazing place to run with rolling hills and a bigger mix of terrain than we have here, from rocky trails and sandy paths to manicured golf courses, all were included! Brilliantly organised event … and just cool enough to make it pleasurable, despite a couple killer hills that reduced us all to walking.” Even though he claimed that his and Chris’ victory was all a fraud because the really fast runners were allegedly on the longer distance (23 kilometres), this is an outstanding result for the winners and Bridport Runners as a team. Well done to all of you!

Chris’ second place in the race and the fact that he is the first Bridport Runner to finish the minimum of four out of 14 races in our new Club championship make him the first Club championship leader. Congratulations! In the moment, there’s only one other runner who has completed at least three races, which is Ben Renshaw. You will find more information in Adam’s and Ben’s sophisticated spreadsheet on Bridport Runners’ members noticeboard on our Facebook page.