Clive on a 50-miles-mission

Clive after the Bubcombe Trail Ultra (28-04-2018)Lovely landscape, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) and a route around six pubs in the Mendip Hills. Sounds like a nice run? Only downside: it’s bloody 50 miles long ... This is the Butcombe Trail Ultramarathon in which Clive started around 7 am this morning. 12 hours later he texted: “That was so hard. Not quite sure why I did it but I’m proud to have done 50 miles. Now I have a craving for a large cold beer and a pork pie.” Well, we don’t really know either why you did it, Clive, but If there was ever anyone who deserved a beer after a race, it’s probably you. Well done!