Kazy third time around the Brighton Marathon: “I know every metre of that course”

Kazy after her 3rd Brighton Marathon (16-04-2018)Kazy ran the Brighton marathon yesterday but not for the first, but for her third time. You might call that a “serious recidivist” – or someone who just loves the event so much. “Yes, I know every metre of the Brighton marathon, and as I lived there for ten years before moving here, I know also every centimetres”, said Kazy after the race which she finished in 4:05 hr (see results here). Commenting on her own result, Kazy said that she was quite pleased with it, bearing in mind “that it was quite hard for me to come back after a longer break and only three distance training runs”. And it’s worth mentioning that it was also her 15th marathon. Well done, Kazy!