Weymouth Parkrun: Wet feet and a fry-up

BR - Four ladies in the WEY Parkrun (07-04-2018)With the promise of breakfast after the exertions, it was off to the Weymouth Parkrun last Saturday for Bridport Runners Gill, Emma, Jodie and Glynis. Glynis’ race report demonstrates once more that Bridport Runners are no fair weather joggers: “As ever there was a good crowd (350 to be exact) including dogs on leads and babies in buggies. Not surprisingly it was a bit wet underfoot with plenty of puddles but this seemed to be advantageous for some (including myself), as every so often a clear path would open up as runners skirted around these obstacles ignoring the marshall bellowing: ‘IT’S ONLY WATER!’ Being used to having wet feet on the odd Sunday morning run, I was more than happy to go straight down the middle. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning which we topped off with a fry-up accompanied by pots of tea (Hagen, you would have hated it).”

For the record: Two of the four breakfast runners also achieved a personal best (Glynis 28:29 (PB); Gill 29:15; Jodie 30:09 (PB); Emma 32:53). Well done to all of you – you deserved that breakfast!