Dorset Lions 10k: Maiden run up Maiden Castle

Dorchester 10k - Jess, Vicky, Hagen and Sam after the raceDespite the fact that Bridport Runners don’t have a youth group (yet), little 1 1/2 year old Martha (Vicky’s and Ben’s daughter) won her first medal last Sunday in Dorchester! … oh well, and Vicky, Jess, Sam and Hagen who were taking on the (fast) Dorchester Lions 10k that morning weren’t doing too bad, as well, as Sam reports:

“It was a Funday Sunday in Dorchester when the Bridport Runners Massif turned up to take on the might of, er, Egdon Heath Harriers, Maiden Newton Runners and, oh some other clubs and lots of other people. The 5 strong team (one junior – although it has been alleged that Martha is overdue with her subs) were ably supported by various family and, Tony, looking casual in jeans and a fetching blue polo shirt. Tony’s non-running was disappointing to his fans, but he was quoted, in typically ebullient style as saying ‘Tony was gutted he couldn’t run today but better safe than sorry I guess’… and at least he turned up to sign a few autographs. A more relaxed run I have not frequented – marred only by the frantic warm up reminiscent of a 1980s TV work out – still, everybody was chirpy as they headed towards the line safe in the knowledge that they no longer had to bend their hips to the right aaaaaaand stretch.

No false starts today, and the 4 intrepid BR heroes set on their merry way. Martha was running the 2k fun run, ably accompanied by Ben’s mum Kay, and after the routine drugs tests, I believe the youngsters were allowed to proceed.  History will recall this fine event, by this missive won’t as I was already over-cooking the first mile and wondering why I had had the second glass of wine during Eurovision last night.

The course is quite nice really – the trickiest decision being whether to wear on or off-road shoes, and of course how much to SCORN the pathetic excuse for a Hill that they call Maiden Castle… I mean – we’ve all run up West Cliff about a thousand times, pah, even that knocks their so called ‘climb’ into a cocked hat.  Actually, after the road it was nice to get onto a bit of grass and hard packed mud. 

I had managed to tuck myself in at the back of the leading group, so had a target, but no one breathing down my neck, which was nice – no Adam tapping me on the shoulder and shouting ‘sprint’!  In truth the course was uneventful, no good for a PB because of the ‘hill’ and more the twists and turns, but enjoyable.  Even saw Prince Charles watching over his land and making sure we were behaving respectfully (spot the lie).

I ran out of steam in the last km, but by then the end was in site and I collapsed over the line in a satisfactory 43.13 – 17th overall, and 6th in my age class… damn those over fit 40-50 year olds.  According to Wynn’s rule (thou have not run hard enough if thou does not vom at the end), I could have take a few more seconds off my time, but you know, it was a relaxed day.

I was followed in just a few minutes later by the estimable Mr Gerle – Hagen came in at 51.53, 16th in his class – nice one. Vicky was close behind on 56.25, a superb 11th in her class and Jess broke the sound barrier, sorry, hour barrier, at 59.49, 17th in her class.  An extremely impressive all round team performance, which would have left us in the left hand side of the Eurovision table… with no Eastern bloc voting pact to keep us out in the cold.

I must congratulate the organisers for giving us the choice of either yet another bl**dy t-shirt or a goody bag containing …. Cider!  Hoorah. Finally, hero of the day, definitely Martha (and Kay, of course) for her PB and first medal – Vicky, please keep Ben’s grubby mitts of it for her!”