Hameldown Hammer: Who needs downhill?

Elevation chart Hameldown HammerLonger, steeper, tougher ─ Adam just found (himself) another race in this category: the Hameldown Hammer, a half-marathon race at Widecombe-in-the-Moor which took place last Sunday. The race contained a lot of steep (!) hills and started right away with a 3 mile climb, which, according to Adam “was a truly delightful warm-up, the course alternating between boggy moorland and rock strewn paths with a healthy helping of water thrown in for good measure.” The final 3 miles were more or less a repeat of the first three and should have been a fast coast back to the finish … but they “turned into hell”, as mist closed in on the runners and wind speeds hit 40mph after climbing back onto the high moor. The event proved again that Bridport Runners may be good going up-hill “but we’re not that great … at coming back down”, comments Adam. Because downhill was where he lost a few places to those “that were willing to throw themselves downhill without fear of injury.”

Despite these conditions, Adam did pretty well and finished as 17th out of a field of 234 in 1:55 hr. (see provisional results). “I’m not displeased considering there were many starters who had that hardened ‘fell runner’ look to them”, Adam says. The race was done by the same organiser (Puretrail) that had organised last year’s 34 mile long The Dartmoor Crossing which a few more Bridport Runners want to do later this year (again).