CTS Lulworth: “Unfinished business” closed

For some it was “unfinished business”, for others it was just a distance they hadn’t done on this course, yet: The CTS Dorset in Lulworth Cove is one of the toughest, if not the toughest cross-country run in the Southwest, as many Bridport Runners will testify. Last Sunday, Kazy, Claire and Clive and hopefully soon-to-become-Bridport-Runner Chris Monteith competed in three different distances – the 10k (Clive), the half-marathon (Kazy and Claire) and the Ultra (Chris) … and they all came back with quite a story to tell.

But first for the results: Clive ran the 10k in 55:54 which made him 17th overall and fastest in his age group. Congratulations! Kazy finished the half-marathon in 3 hrs. 27 min. and 8 sec. and Claire in 3:50:05 (she ran a bit extra). Chris came home from the Ultra in 06:53:09 – not that time would matter over such a long distance on such an extreme course. Well done, to all of you! See all results here.

Clive was very pleased with his result and immediately did the maths: “I was really pleased to get 17th out of 228 and win my age group (MV55) by over 7 minutes! Interestingly, the amount of climbing in the 10K was approximately 310 metres, so it is almost identical to our Jurassic 10K.” Kazy seemed to be less interested in her result (“I think I got a respectable 4th female vet, a tiny bit slower than before I won the category that year.”) but was happy to have a familiar run near home: “It feels more friendly somehow. The run is absolutely stunning with its views, and the event is exceptionally well organised!”

Only Claire was understandably a bit disappointed: “I’m annoyed because I ran it this year in order to lay it to rest after missing out two years ago when I was ill. So I really wanted to just get it done. The problem was, I ended up running a bit of the marathon route because I blindly followed a marathon runner. I only realised after I got to the top of the hill! I think it took me about 20 minutes of going the wrong way and standing around wondering what to do!” Well, Claire there’s for sure another CTS run next year!