Bridport Runners welcome two new fully qualified “Coaches in Running Fitness”

3rd Beginners Group - Beginners and Coaches at Parkrun WEY Feb 2015Bridport Runners are celebrating two new qualified Coaches to the Club: Clive Whaley and Brian Shelley both passed their assessments in Southampton and Nottingham respectively. They are now qualified England Athletics “Coaches in Running Fitness”. Through this qualification, Brian and Clive have taken the next step in professional coaching for athletes after having already served Bridport Runners as “Leaders in Running Fitness” for some years. Well done to both of you!

Their assessments marked the finale of an intensive course which covered core coaching and fundamental running skills as well as athlete development and planning. After nearly a year of learning and trying out different techniques on members of Bridport Runners – from warm-ups to running drills and stretching –, Brian and Clive can now not only organise and lead complete training sessions but also advise runners on their individual goals, e.g. how to achieve a certain time in a race like the London Marathon. This knowledge is open to everyone who is a member of Bridport Runners.