Ex-Beginners master the 10 miles of The Great South Run

br-jess-rachel-and-tess-after-the-great-south-run-23-10-2016Jess, Rachel and Tess, three of Bridport Runners’ former Beginners Group members, have shown today what they are really capable of: They started this morning in The Great South Run, a 10 mile race taking place every year in Portsmouth, which was live broadcasted on TV. All three ladies had completed the Beginners Group not very long ago and had started training and preparation for this race months ahead; Jess also benefited from an 8 week individualised coaching programme provided by Bridport Runners’ Coaching team. Among 25,000 runners the three Bridport Runners finished their race in brilliant times – 1 hr 36 min. (Jess; just as Coach Brian had predicted), 01:55 hr. (Rachel) and 02:06 hr. (Tess). Congratulations to all three of you!!!

Meanwhile, Les and Dean raced the Weymouth 10, a 10 mile race along the seafront at Weymouth this morning. Among 196 finishers, Dean came in as No. 44 in 1 hr 16 min. 36 sec., while Les finished as 146th in a time of 01:35:45 hr. Well done, Les and Dean!