Club celebrates its first Coach in Running Fitness

clive-whaleyBridport Runners are pleased to announce the appointment of their first ever fully qualified Coach in Running Fitness. Our very own Clive Whaley recently qualified at an Assessment Day in Southampton, organised by England Athletics, after nearly a year of learning and trying out the techniques on willing (and not so willing!) members of the Club. The course covered Core Coaching Skills, Fundamental Running Skills and Drills, Athlete Development, Planning & Delivering Training and more. It is all geared towards the sort of club that we are, i.e. road and trail running rather than a traditional track and field athletics club. Clive said: “It has been hard work and has involved a big time commitment but I have learnt a lot, and I hope that this will help me to produce better and more motivated runners within the Club. Although I am the first, I hope it won’t be long before I am joined by Brian, who is also in the final stages of taking the full coach qualification.” Clive  would also like to encourage some of our newer runners to take the basic Leadership in Running Fitness qualification, so that more people are there to help growing the Club.