Dartmoor Crossing: 34 miles of rough rocky granite terrain couldn’t scare Kazy, Ben and Adam off

Dartmoor Crossing - Ben(23-07-2016)The longer, the better: Kazy, Ben (Loudon) and Adam ran across the breadth of Dartmoor last Saturday in the Dartmoor Crossing, an ultra trail race over 34 miles. “These were 34 miles of rough rocky granite terrain, was hard but we had a fantastic day!”, as Kazy recalls. “I’ve always wanted to run across Dartmoor as it seemed such an obvious challenge and Kazy and Ben were treating it as training for bigger and better things”, says Adam who finished 5th out of 75 competitors in this race. Well done to all three of you!

The event was run for the first time and was exceptionally well organised and route marked, according to the three Ultra Bridport Runners. “No mean feat when you’re … marking a course over 34 miles of open moorland, going under foot ranged from tripping over rocks and boulders to tripping through heather and shrubbery, with the odd river crossing and bit of bog thrown in for good measure!”, Adam comments.

Of course the long distance running didn’t come without any pain. “It was a great route but the soles of my feet were pretty painful at the end with all the rocky tracks”, says Ben. “I did manage to both stress fracture my right foot (self diagnosed) and disappear up to my knee in mud after breaking through a crust of what looked like hard ground”, adds Adam who was still quite pleased: “Fastest 50k yet and also included my fastest marathon time. Really should do a road marathon now…”

Oh, and by the way: Kazy and Ben did attend this event as a pre-training to their 50 miler which is due in two weeks …