The Stickler: “Dorset’s Three Peaks Challenge” sees new champion in the midst of Bridport Runners

The Stickler 2015 - Bridport Runners took the trainWonderful weather, a challenging, but fantastic course, a great turnout of Bridport Runners and a new champion in the Club: The Stickler today had it all! Nine Bridport Runners – Ben (Loudon), Claire, Clive, Hagen, Joy, Kazy, Sam, Tom and Vlad – made their way to Shillingstone near Blandford Forum this morning to start in the 21st edition of this tough 10.1 mile multi-terrain hill race  The Stickler is also known as the Dorset’s Three Peak Challenge, and some tough climbing it had right from the beginning! Bridport Runners (and the other 407 participants) had to master 1,500 feet of climbing across three peaks of Dorset: Okeford Hill Beacon, Hod Hill and Hambledon Hill. The Stickler 2015 - Victorious VladFor comparison, you could say the course was somehow like the Charmouth Challenge but 2 miles longer. The climbing started already after less than 1 mile, leading the runners up a steep path in the woods from about 200 feet above sea floor to almost 800 feet. Naturally, the field spread out on this first part of the race already, with more grueseome hills to come later. But there were also some nice, really long stretches down through the forest.

Bridport Runners gave their best and the first of them to cross the finish line in 1 hr. 17 min. and 3 seconds was – Vlad. In his first official race over that longer distance he came in 33rd out of 416, less than 10 minutes after the overall winner. Second Bridport Runner was Sam, followed by Tom, Clive, Kazy, Claire, Hagen, Joy and Ben. See all results of The Stickler 2015 here. A big compliment to the organisers, the Dorset Doddlers, for not only choosing that wonderful course but also for very good marshalling and sign-posting all along the way. Don’t forget to rate their race on Runners World!.

Stickler 2015 - This is why we run! Exhausted and hungry, but quite pleased with the race and themselves, Bridport Runners afterwards stopped over at Dorchester for a late but well-deserved lunch. Whether it was the hype of the race or some beers is not quite clear but they all had a great time and some really weird discussions involving Hamlet, Morrisons and West Bay Elks …