Bridport ladies doing great in Bournemouth Supersonic 10K

Bournemouth Supersonic 10K - Debbie Cox, Lucy Prowse, Sam Etherington (03-10-2015)The Bournemouth Marathon Festival last weekend saw a group of Bridport Runners’ ladies doing great in their 10k race ─ which happened to be the first 10k race for three of them. Debbie Cox, Lucy Prowse, Sam Etherington and Nancy Bowles competed in the so called “Bournemouth Supersonic 10K”, one of the different distances that the Bournemouth Marathon Festival has on offer. Lucy finished the quickest in 1 hr and 2 min., Nancy ran1 hr and 5 min, while Sam and Debbie did it together in  1:09:30. For Lucy who had run her first 10k last year in Dorchester, it was a special triumph, as she beat that time by 3 minutes. For Debbie, Sam and Nancy, however, it was their first 10k ever. Here are the complete results.

“We were hoping to get around in under 1:30, so we were amazed and thrilled at our time!”, said Debbie after the race. “We all started running with the first ,Couch to 5k’ Group, so it felt like a real achievement.” Nancy commented: “I had never run a 10k before and had only completed the Beginners course this January but enjoyed running so much that I have been trying to increase how far I can run.”

Feeling confident now, Nancy is aiming to do a Half-Marathon next year. Both her and Debbie praised the great atmosphere and the support from the spectators: “We were really glad that we wore our Bridport Runners vests because all the way round people were calling out ,well done, Bridport ladies!'”, says Debbie. “This was great and really helped to keep us going!” Congratulations to all you “Bridport ladies”, well done!