Ben comes in 3rd in Dorset County AA 10K Championship

Bridport Jurassic Coast Run 2013 - Exhausted but happy 10k winner Ben (14 July 2013)Ben (Renshaw) came in third in the Dorset 10,000m County Championship 2015 in Poole. The 10,000m, organised at the end of July by Poole Athletic Club, is a yearly County Championship Event on a running track. The requirement for men participating in this race was to be able to run 10km on road in 44 min. or 50 min. for women respectively. Ben did it in 35:17 min. ─ well done, Ben (see here for Results of Dorset 10,000m Championship 2015 and on the website of Poole Athletic Club)! The length of the course is, by the way, the longest Olympic track event. “With 25 laps ─ 50 identical straights, 50 identical bends ─ this is a tougher challenge than 10km on the roads”, wrote Poole Athletic Club in their invitation to the race. “And you could be lapping or being lapped, probably both, so the mind games are tricky, too.” Seems like Ben managed them pretty well!