Bridport Runners’ new Beginners Group gets you from couch to 5k – and beyond

3rd Beginners Group - Angie at Parkrun WEY (Feb 2015)For complete beginners and anyone who wants to get back into running but is lacking confidence or training, Bridport Runners offer their new Beginners Group, starting 9th of September. The goal of the six weeks’ course ‘From couch to 5k’ is to get anyone fit to run 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) without stopping; whether you had little or no training before at all. The new class starts Wednesday, 9th of September, 5:45 pm at the Bridport Football Club car park, opposite the Bridport Leisure Centre. It will take place every Wednesday night from 6:00 to 7:00 pm until mid of October.

After having organised it three times, Bridport Runners can see clear evidence of the success of this course: Not only did all of the beginners easily manage the distance of 5k after a few sessions. Many of them kept on running … and have started going longer distances, too. Sarah Courtney-Hughes for example, a beginner from the first course, has since then run the half marathon at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival 2014 and the Charmouth Challenge the same year. Karen Cox completed the 10k in Bournemouth, as well. This year, Helen Carmichael has already run the Bournemouth Easter Quarter Marathon in April, the Dorchester 10k in May and the Charmouth Challenge in July while Tony Bird did Bridport Runners’ own “Bridport Jurassic Coast Run” in July of this year.

The training will be organised by two qualified leaders. All novices will receive a gentle introduction into running. They will not only be trained in finding the right running style but in gaining endurance and speed, as well. For the last session, all beginners will be invited to go for the 5k Weymouth Parkrun. The costs of this course are £12 which will be refunded if the participant chooses to join Bridport Runners afterwards.

If you are interested, please contact Bridport Runners’ Chair Brian Shelley or one of the four other qualified leaders on our Contact page to register.