London Marathon 2015: Ben, Sarah and “Clockwork Claire” did it!

LON marathon - Claire before the finish (26-04-2015)The London Marathon is surely one of the most prestigious marathon races in the world. Three Bridport Runners made themselves and the Club proud today in running it: Sarah (Horton), Claire and Ben started this morning in the 35th edition of this event among more than 37,600 other runners. Despite some setbacks and injuries in the preparation, all three Bridport Runners not only made it to the end, but in most respectable times, too (see all results here). Ben who had run London last year came in as No. 700 of all finishers in 2 hours 49 minutes and 24 seconds. This is even more astonishing as he had suffered … from a knee injury before and a persistent flu which made him believe for some time he had to withdraw from the race completely. Claire for whom it was her first marathon ever completed the race in just under 4 hours at 3:59:29. Even more amazing, however, where her split times for every 5k: They were so consistent that she deserves the nickname “Clockwork Claire”. Finally, Sarah finished in 5:04:01, ranking her among the first 700 in her age category. Both Claire (YoungMinds) and Sarah (Weldmar Hospice Trust) ran for charities, by the way, and are still happy for any contributions to these good causes.