Helen runs Bournemouth 1/4 Marathon ─ and gets rewarded with Easter egg

Helen at Easter Quarter MarathonWe know how long a marathon is, we also know a half ─ but how much is a quarter marathon? “It was a 10.6km road race to be exact”, says Helen who represented the Bridport Runners in the annual Easter Quarter Marathon in Bournemouth last Saturday. “First half of the race was a flat stretch near the beach”, Helen describes the course. “The second part was a long gentle climb with a steep downhill to the finish line.” The organisers, the Bournemouth East Cliff Rotary Club, estimated that at least 400 people took part. It was the first race for Helen as a Bridport Runner, other than the 5k Weymouth Park Runs which she has done a few times. She finished around 62 minutes and was not only very pleased with her result but got a special treat at the end, as well ─ those who finished were rewarded with an Easter egg. Well done, Helen!