Weymouth Half Marathon: Early, cold and flat ─ good for fast times

Nine Bridport Runners started in the first Weymouth Half Marathon last Sunday and reached some very good times. Tom, Gemma, Sara (Jackson), Debbie, Ben, Vicky, Karen and Bill (Cox) and Clive started among 865 other participants in this first half marathon race alongside the coastline of Weymouth. “It was an early start ─ 8.30 am and pretty cold!”, said Vicky who took part in a relay with a colleague from work. However, racing conditions were fine, Vicky added: “The course was fairly flat, allowing fast times and was run right along the coast.” This can be seen in the Bridport Runners’ results, as well ─ starting with the 1 hour 34 minutes and 5 seconds for Tom as the fastest to Karen, who finished her first half marathon in a brilliant 2:35:33. Vicky and her colleague came 6th out of 27 teams in a time of 1 hour 42 minutes. Ben who enjoyed the company (“good run with plenty of friendly runners”) unfortunately had to pull out due to problems with his knee. Clive had a bit of a problem, as well, because despite running the whole course he did not appear in the official results at all. Only after his protest, he was “rediscovered” with a finish time of 1:39:44. Here are the other results.