Bridport Runners complete “B series” with races in Bournemouth

After competing in the Berlin Marathon, Bridport Runners finished the “B series” by taking part in the Bournemouth Marathon festival last weekend. Four Bridport Runners started in the Bournemouth Marathon festival in the half-marathon and the 10k races. Three of them, Sarah Courtney-Hughes, Karen Cox and Debbie Gale, had only finished their Beginners Class “From couch to 5K” a couple of months ago; their respective times were 1 hour 56 minutes for the half-marathon (Sarah) and 62 minutes for the 10K (Karen and Debbie). Well done to all of you! The “B series” is an unofficial series of running events over the year which all start with the letter “B”; other events starting with a “B” were e.g. the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon and the Club’s own Bridport Jurassic Coast Run.