Berlin Marathon: Bridport Runners push Kenyan winner to new world record

Victorious Bridport Runners after the Berlin Marathon in front of the ReichstagBridport Runners sent a delegation of six runners to the prestigious 41. Berlin Marathon last Sunday. It was the Club’s first appearance in a race outside of the UK. The six did their best to push Kenyan champion Dennis Kimetto to a new world record on the fastest marathon course in the world. The Berlin Marathon was the last-but-one race (before the Bournemouth marathon festival next weekend) in the “B series” – an unofficial series of running events in which the Bridport Runners participated over the year and which all start with the letter “B”. Once again, it was Ben being Bridport Runners’ fastest participant. He finished the marathon in …stunning 2 hours 43 minutes and 10 seconds as number 236 out of nearly 29,000 finishers on the day! He was 49 seconds faster than at his appearance at the London Marathon in April. In the end, about 40 minutes parted Ben from winner Kimetto who broke the existing world record to a new fantastic 2:02:57. Well done, both of them!

Second of the Bridport Runners was Kazy in 3:49:18 which made her 3 minutes faster than on her last race in the Bournemouth Marathon about a year ago. Hagen crossed the finishing line behind the Brandenburger Tor in his first marathon in 4:03:09. Vicky followed in 4:06:32 – cutting off more than half an hour from her first marathon time in Bournemouth. She was also the fastest of four participants in Berlin with the surname “Ackerman(n)”. Brian and his son Dan who already had run the New York Marathon together finished both in 4:12:10. It was the 11th marathon for Brian and allegedly his last (or so he says).

More than one million spectators followed the race on a beautiful, mostly sunny day along the streets of the German capital. Among them were friends and family, as well as Bridport Runner Jim with his wife Jeanne who had accompanied the six to Berlin. Many more across the globe watched the marathon on TV or saw it on the Internet – especially excited family members and fellow Bridport Runners at home.