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London Marathon 2018: Sam will start for Bridport Runners

Sam Rose after Station Kitchen Run (17-04-2016)The Club place for next year’s London Marathon goes to … Sam Rose! A number of Bridport Runners had come forward for the London place, so Sam’s name was pulled out of a hat. Congratulations, Sam!

As a UK Athletics affiliated Club, Bridport Runners get a free place for Britain’s most prestigious marathon every year. To apply for that place, the applicant must have been a paying Club member for at least a year, beginning from 1 October 2017 (for the 2019 place) and must have entered the London Marathon ballot but did not receive a place through the ballot. Also, priority is given to those runners who have not had a place before.

Jess and Ben doing two races in the Lakeland Trails Season Finale

Jess in Lakeland Trails Season Finale_2 (13-10-2017)Whilst a number of Bridport Runners were having fun at races closer to home last weekend, Jess and her husband Ben headed north to the Lake District to take part in the season finale of the Lakeland Trails 2017 series. Seems like the Lake District runs are very scenic and getting more popular among Bridport Runners, as both of them and Ruth had run in a section of the Lakeland Trail series, in Keswick on the bank of Derwent Water, before. On this particularly weekend, however, Jess and Ben did not only do two races on two consecutive days over 15k (Ben) and 10k (Jess and Ben on the 2nd day) but also achieved brilliant times, especially in the second race. Part of their success might come down to their ‘sensible recovery plan’ after the first race, which consisted of recovery cocktails/beers, pasta and lemon tarts.

Here’s Jess’ write up of the weekend … Continue reading

Bridport Runners’ busy race weekend

Bridport Runners were quite busy last Sunday and participated in a number of 10k and half-marathon runs, which mainly took place nearby:  John (Smith) ran the Great West in Exeter, a half-marathon; his time was 2 hrs. 1 min. 33 sec. “The last three miles were particularly challenging, as it was undulating and I picked up a calf injury”, recalls John who was very happy with the outcome: “My main goal was to raise £500 for my nominated charity ‘Motor Neurone Disease Association’ which I achieved.”

Meanwhile, Kazy was doing the Burton Bradstock half marathon and Les the 10k. Kazy finished in 1:56:45 and came in as 2nd woman and first veteran lady of 36 runners. Kazy was especially pleased with this result as she had switched from the marathon to the half-marathon before. Les who started in the 10k race at Burton finished in 52:28 min. as 17th of 78 runners! See their results here. Dan Shelley, Brian’s son, ran the ‘Bright 10’, a 10 miler in his hometown Brighton, in a new personal best time of 1:21:34.

Finally, Clive, John (Riley), Tony and Hagen kept it local and participated in ‘Mrs. E’s Big Wheeze’, a multi-terrain 10k in Uplyme. In a small field of mainly club runners Clive finished as 1st Bridport Runner in 51:48 min., followed by John (52:33), Hagen (57:19) and Tony (01:00:38), which is a new PB for him. Well done to all of you!

Bournemouth Marathon Festival: Gill and Jodie doing their first half-marathon

The Bournemouth Marathon Festival has become a fixed date for Bridport Runners. This year was no different: Four members of the Club ─ Bernadette, Chris, Gill and Jodie ─ went to the two days’ running festival last weekend and competed in the half and the marathon distances. Meanwhile, Sarah Horton started in the Windsor half marathon the weekend before and finished in 2 hours 13 minutes. Well done to all of you!

The Bournemouth Marathon Festival which has become some sort of a fixed date on our run calendar saw Chris Monteith finishing as first Bridport Runner in 3 hours 52 min. 23 sec.; Bernadette Jones’ time was 4:27:26. Gill Brooks and Jodie Tuck who did the half-marathon crossed the finish line together in 2:23:07.

It was both Gill’s and Jodie’s first half-marathon race and “we were very pleased with ourselves for completing it”, said Gill afterwards. Both athletes ran for charities: Gill for ‘Young Minds’ supporting children and families with mental health issues and Jodie for ‘crohns and collitious’. Their ‘Just Giving’ pages are still open!