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Bridport Jurassic Coast Run sold out!

Logo Bridport Jurassic Coast Run 2014 (final logo)

Due to a high demand in online entries, tickets for this year’s Bridport Jurassic Coast Run are sold out now. There will be no more entries on the day, as we have reached our limit. Please don’t try to make your way to the race on Sunday if you have not bought a ticket and received your race number via email before. For more information about race day, please see our special web page about the Bridport Jurassic Coast Run and our Facebook page.

Sorry for any runners who haven’t got in this year but we hope to see you for next year’s Bridport Jurassic Coast Run!

Bridport Jurassic Coast Run with record number of entrants and new black-and-white-striped sponsor

It’s less than two weeks until the fifth Bridport Jurassic Coast Run kicks off – and the limit for entrants has almost been reached: Close to 200 runners have already signed in for the two challenging races – a 10k and a half-marathon – which is the limit for the event taking place on Sunday, 6 August, during West Bay Days ‎in West Bay.

The organisers, Bridport Runners and Brit Valley Rotary, are not only very delighted with the response from runners ahead of race day but also of the support of Bridport’s own Leakers Bakery who are the sponsor of this year’s Bridport Jurassic Coast Run. The well-known bakery on Bridport’s East Street shares much ground with Bridport Runners: Both are true believers in locally sourced and sustainable food and have black and white stripes in their logos. “As a producer of food for people with a variety of dietary needs, Leakers are proud to sponsor the Jurassic Coast Run and wish all runners a great race”, said Jemima Dasent of Leakers Bakery.

The Bridport Jurassic Coast Run starts Sunday, 6 August, at 10:30 am from The Old Salt House in West Bay. Registration for the races is still open online through the websites of Runners World ( and RunBritain (; see “Bridport Jurassic Coast Run” under “Events” or “Races”.

Guided run on Jurassic Coast 10k route tomorrow evening

In preparation of the Bridport Jurassic Coast Run on 6th of August, Bridport Runners are offering a ‘guided run’ around the Jurassic Coast 10K route tomorrow. Bridport Runners have done that before, so everyone who wants to get familiar with the challenging course is invited to participate for free. It’s also a good opportunity to have a go at it, if you are thinking of running it.

Meeting point is tomorrow (19 July), 6pm, in West Bay by the Windy Corner Café. The usual Wednesday Wellbeing group should meet at the Football Club at 6pm as normal.

Colmers 10k Challenge: “Brutal but with an awesome setting”

Colmers Hill 10k - Group pictureA big compliment to Joe and Amy from Transition Running for their debut race, the “Colmers 10k Challenge”! Seven Bridport Runners competed yesterday in that race around the iconic Colmers Hill which was, according to Adam (fastest Bridport Runner in that event in 46:51 min.), “brutal but with an awesome setting on the Symondsbury Estate”. Here are all results.

Despite being a local course it was “a disgustingly tricky little number when you try running the whole thing at race pace”, said Adam afterwards. “You run fast for the first half before hitting, what I’ll now be calling, ‘meat-grinder hill’ (which climbs steadily up to Broadoak Road), at this point things thankfully slackened off a bit before the hideous side of Colmers which reduced nearly everyone (including the lead runners) to walking.” There was, however, a fantastic finish into the Manor Yard where the runners were greeted by medals, goody bags, drinks, ice creams and the delights of Symondsbury Kichen and even optional massages from Joe.

Forde Abbey 10k: “A proper non-sanitised club level cross country racing at its best”

Forde Abbey 10k - Biggest BR turn-out for a race ever (30-06-2017)Ten (!) Bridport Runners and their guests Bella and John from Suffolk started in yesterday’s 2nd year of the ‘new’ Forde Abbey 10k ─ the best turn-out Bridport Runners have ever had in a race (or at least as long as Clive can remember). Set in the heart of West Dorset, the Forde Abbey 10k Cross Country is a renowned race that rolls through woodlands, meadows and a river (twice) on the stunning Forde Abbey Estate ─ or, as Adam puts it: “The Forde Abbey 10k is proper non-sanitised club level cross country racing at its best, packing climbing into the first half of the course and ankle turning terrain into the second.” No wonder then that the race attracted more than 300 runners this time. First Bridport Runner to finish was Ben, followed by Adam and Clive; official results to follow.Forde Abbey 10k - Vicky in the river (30-06-2017)

A week of rain prior to the race having softened the ground and made things just the right side of interesting. “Despite most of Bridport Runners contingent sporting tired legs prior to the event, or coming out of ‘retirement’ in Ben’s case, the race was enjoyed by all with only the odd fall into the river at the final river crossing to add to the fun”, comments Adam on the race. “At least, it meant you didn’t need to clean your shoes afterwards…” A nice BBQ in the rain in front of Hagen’s house afterwards (“Was it drizzling by then? What drizzle?”, asks Claire) completed an already enjoyable evening to a great race.