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Bridport Runners: Get more people into running in 2019!

In the new year ahead, Bridport Runners will be competing in an even bigger number of races locally, in Britain and abroad than they did in 2018. The Bridport based running club will also support more people who want to get into running in 2019 but might find it hard to start the sport because of physical or mental reasons. 

Sometime around the London Marathon (28 April), Bridport Runners will start the 10th edition of their popular ‘From Couch to 5k’. This six weeks’ training program will get every participant fit to run 5 kilometres (3 miles) without stopping – whether they had any or no experience in running before. Over the years, the course has motivated around 100 women and men to start running, and many have continued the sport.

Since 2016, there has been also a ‘well-being group’, which offers an easy entry into running and is a welcoming environment for people with mental health issues, as well. ‘All our training sessions are led by UK Athletics qualified ‘Coaches and Leaders in Running Fitness’”, explains Bridport Runners’ Chair Brian Shelley. Continue reading

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Bridport Runners!

Bridport Runners are wishing all Club members, their families, friends and every runner out there a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year! Despite the festive days, there will be some running going on with a run (9 to 10 miles) on Boxing Day, meeting 11.00 am at The Clockhouse Inn in Chideock. “Terrain is off-road and hills if dry, road if very wet”, says Kazy who’s organising that run. There will be NO official led session on Boxing Day in the evening “but if people want to turn up as usual, they can organize a social run between themselves”, says coach Brian. Sunday run is on at 30th of December, 9:00 am from West Bay, and the next regular training will take place on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019, 6.00 pm.

If you feel restless, bored or under-challenged during the supposedly more quiet days, you might want to look into planning your race diary for 2019 … A good start might be by reading some of Bridport Runners’ stories during the year on our website and on Facebook, looking at Clive’s photo impressions of the 2018 Jurassic Coast Run (for your diary: the 2019 race is licensed and will be held on 11th of August 2019) or Adam’s final “Club Championship 2019: The official race list.” And if you are keen on doing your first race very early next year: The South West Cross Country Championships are being held at Aldon Hill, Yeovil, on 6th January 2019.

Bridport Runners first Club Championship had “great positive effect on the club”

It’s been a highly competitive but also an inspiring and much-talked about event for Bridport Runners – their first ever Club Championship. With the Maverick Dark Dorset run last weekend as a grande finale (for Adam unfortunately not such a good one as he writes in a blog), the leaderboard is finalized and the winners in the different categories are complete. 37 club members participated in 18 races in total over the whole year with 20 Bridport Runners completing the minimum requirement of 4 races to get into the leaderboard, which makes a total of 136 race entries – from Weymouth Parkrun to the Maverick Dark Dorset. Lots of praise from Bridport Runners go to Adam and Ben who started the whole event and calculated accurately (or so we hope at least) the current leaderboard after each race. “it’s been brilliant! Thank you for organising”, wrote Jess on Facebook. “One of the best things Bridport Runners have ever organised”, said Hagen, and Chair Brian summed it up: “This has had a great positive effect on the club!”

And here are the winners of Bridport Runners first Club Championship … Continue reading

“Race in the dark” is last event in Bridport Runners’ first Club championship

The Maverick Silva Dark Series Dorset 2018 on 8th of December in Wareham Forest is the last race in this year’s first Club championship. As some Bridport Runners are only a few points apart, this might be a good opportunity to overtake the runner ahead of you in the leaderboard. The 10-miler “long route” (only this distance counts for the championship) is also the final chance for any Bridport Runner who has done only three out of the 16 offered races so far to get onto the leaderboard. After last weekend’s parkrun at Montacute House, the leaderboard has changed slightly again, as co-creator and calculator of the race series, Adam, explains: “Clive looks to have thoroughly cemented his well earned 5th spot, Tony Logan has taken his place back from Jess, and Ruth is now on the leaderboard.” But competition is strong, and the last race can still create some major changes …

Little stampede on the Montacute parkrun

This is the thing about running in a rural environment like ours – you always have to be prepared for nature’s surprises. Like having cows on a race course which delayed the start of this morning’s parkrun at Montacute House near Yeovil! But thanks to brave marshals becoming cowboys and a good-spirited crowd of close to 200 runners nobody seemed to mind the delay of 15 minutes. To protect the runners from the cows (or maybe the other way around), there was also a variation of the normal course through the park of Montacute House which is far from being flat like most other parkruns.

Bridport Runners attended with a strong force of seven members (Brian, Clive, Jess, Ruth, Tanya, Tony Logan and Hagen). The Club also saw its first ever three-generation-race as Brian was accompanied by son Adam and grandson Tom who started in his first race (and left poor granddad behind)! First Bridport Runner to finish was Clive as 21st overall in 23:34 min., followed by Tony (31st) and Hagen (41st). See all results here.