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“Race in the dark” is last event in Bridport Runners’ first Club championship

The Maverick Silva Dark Series Dorset 2018 on 8th of December in Wareham Forest is the last race in this year’s first Club championship. As some Bridport Runners are only a few points apart, this might be a good opportunity to overtake the runner ahead of you in the leaderboard. The 10-miler “long route” (only this distance counts for the championship) is also the final chance for any Bridport Runner who has done only three out of the 16 offered races so far to get onto the leaderboard. After last weekend’s parkrun at Montacute House, the leaderboard has changed slightly again, as co-creator and calculator of the race series, Adam, explains: “Clive looks to have thoroughly cemented his well earned 5th spot, Tony Logan has taken his place back from Jess, and Ruth is now on the leaderboard.” But competition is strong, and the last race can still create some major changes …

Little stampede on the Montacute parkrun

This is the thing about running in a rural environment like ours – you always have to be prepared for nature’s surprises. Like having cows on a race course which delayed the start of this morning’s parkrun at Montacute House near Yeovil! But thanks to brave marshals becoming cowboys and a good-spirited crowd of close to 200 runners nobody seemed to mind the delay of 15 minutes. To protect the runners from the cows (or maybe the other way around), there was also a variation of the normal course through the park of Montacute House which is far from being flat like most other parkruns.

Bridport Runners attended with a strong force of seven members (Brian, Clive, Jess, Ruth, Tanya, Tony Logan and Hagen). The Club also saw its first ever three-generation-race as Brian was accompanied by son Adam and grandson Tom who started in his first race (and left poor granddad behind)! First Bridport Runner to finish was Clive as 21st overall in 23:34 min., followed by Tony (31st) and Hagen (41st). See all results here.

Bicton Blister mixes up leaderboard in Club championship

Last weekend’s Bicton Blister (10 miles) brought some major changes in the leaderboard of Bridport Runners’ Club championship. The race (which, as Sam describes it in his latest report, “ain’t for anyone looking out for posh medals and clean trainers”) saw Adam overtake Chris for second place, Jess overhauling Vicky and Tony Logan, and Wendy getting onto the leaderboard in 12th place. More than 420 runners from allover the southwest participated in this race which has been on Bridport Runners’ race calendar for the third year now. See all results here.

“Led to believe (by Brian) that the Bicton Blister was a dull trudge around bandit country where the locals were unfriendly and the terrain sucked you down into the never ending abyss of red sticky mud, some of us signed up for it anyway because it was on the Club Championship, and it was only £13 quid!”, starts Sam his race report. “However, never, in perhaps his or our lifetimes, Continue reading

The Stickler: “Great scenery, challenging hills, great company!”

In the fourth consecutive year Bridport Runners have entered The Stickler, it’s never been so cold and windy but then there has (almost) never been achieved a faster time by a Bridport Runner. Fighting his way up the three steep peaks which gave the race its by-name (“Dorset 3 Peaks Challenge”) and running along the tough but lovely 10-mile course through autumnal woods, beside streams and over lonely country lanes, Adam finished as first Bridport Runner in a time of 1:17:17 six minutes faster than his time in The Stickler last year and only 14 seconds slower than the result of Vlad in 2015.  Second Bridport Runner to finish was Chris, followed by Mike, Clive, Hagen, Kazy, Ray and Brian; see provisional results here.

The results of this race count for Bridport Runners’ Club Championship with Kazy entering for the first time, having completed her fourth race in the series. Fastest female finisher and second runner overall, by the way, was Ruth Barnes, the winner of our Bridport Jurassic Coast Run 2018 and 2017.

A week earlier, Jess and John had participated in another 10 mile race, the Great South Run in Portsmouth. Among the more than 20,000 participants both achieved personal best times in this race: Jess finished in a time of 1:28:06, John being only slightly behind her with 1:28:15. Well done to all of you!

Hear why Ray isn’t sure how many hills he completed, what Clive thinks about the proportion of age to running time said and why Adam is thinking about changing his name to Samantha in The Stickler 2019.
Continue reading

Bournemouth Marathon Festival: Paul finishes marathon on Club place, a determined ladies team in the half and a Shelley family gathering

The Bournemouth Marathon Festival is always good for very personal stories. This year was no exception with Bridport Runners starting over three different distances, Paul doing his second marathon, accompanied by Bernadette; a dedicated ladies team (Gill, Glynis, Jodie, Emma and Rachel) in the half-marathon and Brian on a family gathering with his two sons Dan and Adam over the supersonic 10k route. Well done to all of you! You made the club (and yourselves) proud!

Let’s begin with our long-distance participants: Bernadette came in as first Bridport Runner over the marathon distance in a time of 4 hrs. 28 min. 4 sec. Paul who had won the  free Club place and had trained extremely hard over the last months for his second marathon finished in 4:48:37. See all results here.

Two hours earlier a determined Bridport Runners’ ladies team – Glynis, Gill, Jodie, Emma and Rachel – had set off for the half-marathon among nearly 3,900 other starters. First Bridport Runner to finish was Glynis in 2:07:47, then Gill (2:10:08), Jodie (2:18:07), Emma (2:31:02) and Rachel (2:43:36). It was the first half-marathon the five had done together. Jodie and Gill had already started in the Bournemouth half last year and improved their times significantly. The half-marathon times also had some effect on the positioning in the Club championship, as it was both Emma’s and Glynis’ fourth race which got them in the overall qualification.

Already on Saturday, the “Shelley boys” had their premiere: Brian and his two sons Dan (also a Bridport Runner) and Adam who has just recently got into running took on the Supersonic 10k. “Despite the cold and the crowds but luckily no rain, I managed my best 5k and 10k times for at least two years”, said Brian cheerfully afterwards. “I would have been happy with 63 minutes, but to come in at 61:45 was great. I also managed to keep an even pace for the whole race. All thanks to my two boys who kept coming back for me and literally dragged me along the finishing straight. All in all a great day!”