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Kazy third time around the Brighton Marathon: “I know every metre of that course”

Kazy after her 3rd Brighton Marathon (16-04-2018)Kazy ran the Brighton marathon yesterday but not for the first, but for her third time. You might call that a “serious recidivist” – or someone who just loves the event so much. “Yes, I know every metre of the Brighton marathon, and as I lived there for ten years before moving here, I know also every centimetres”, said Kazy after the race which she finished in 4:05 hr (see results here). Commenting on her own result, Kazy said that she was quite pleased with it, bearing in mind “that it was quite hard for me to come back after a longer break and only three distance training runs”. And it’s worth mentioning that it was also her 15th marathon. Well done, Kazy!


Weymouth Parkrun: Wet feet and a fry-up

BR - Four ladies in the WEY Parkrun (07-04-2018)With the promise of breakfast after the exertions, it was off to the Weymouth Parkrun last Saturday for Bridport Runners Gill, Emma, Jodie and Glynis. Glynis’ race report demonstrates once more that Bridport Runners are no fair weather joggers: “As ever there was a good crowd (350 to be exact) including dogs on leads and babies in buggies. Not surprisingly it was a bit wet underfoot with plenty of puddles but this seemed to be advantageous for some (including myself), as every so often a clear path would open up as runners skirted around these obstacles ignoring the marshall bellowing: ‘IT’S ONLY WATER!’ Being used to having wet feet on the odd Sunday morning run, I was more than happy to go straight down the middle. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning which we topped off with a fry-up accompanied by pots of tea (Hagen, you would have hated it).”

For the record: Two of the four breakfast runners also achieved a personal best (Glynis 28:29 (PB); Gill 29:15; Jodie 30:09 (PB); Emma 32:53). Well done to all of you – you deserved that breakfast!

New ‘From Couch to 5k’ course starts three days after London Marathon

3rd Beginners Group - Beginners and Coaches at Park Run WEY Feb 2015 Motivated by the London Marathon? Eager to get (back) into running? Determined to get out and meet active people? Whatever the drivers are to start running (again), Bridport Runners can help to make the next step with their 9th edition of ‘From Couch to 5k’: The popular six weeks’ training program will get every participant fit to run 5 kilometres (about 3 miles) without stopping – whether they had any or no experience in running before. More than 80 women and men have joined the courses over the years, and many have continued running. The new training program will start Wednesday, 25th of April, from 5:45 to 7:00 pm at the Bridport Football Club car park and will cost £12. Training sessions will be every consecutive Wednesday night for six weeks and will be led by Bridport Runners’ qualified coaches. To take part, please contact Bridport Runners’ Chair Brian (tel. 01308 459942) beforehand or just turn up to the training on the first evening.

Rachael in the Grizzly 2018: “Runners cheering happily, all colourful against the sparkling snow”

Rachael Moss doing the shorter Grizzly 2018 Due to the snow and adverse weather, last weekend’s Grizzly, one of the main multi-terrain running events in the region, was cancelled … well, not quite, because runners were able to do the modified, shorter Cub version instead if they wanted. Bridport Runners Rachael und Clive actually did the crazy race in the snow. Here’s the whole story how Rachael tells it:

This was my first Grizzly, and although, due to the wild howling gales, gleaming blankets of snow, and blinding blizzards, it was cancelled, all runners were able to do the modified Cub instead if they wanted. I was determined to make the most of the weekend soaking up the anticipation and atmosphere, arriving ridicously early and watching as more and more teeming thongs of people arrived, all in high spirits, all arriving at the The Gateway where the headquarters, bag drop and stalls were, with a coating of snow on their heads like a topping of icing sugar. And still the snow fell. Everywhere was glistening white. Continue reading

Ben Renshaw wins Weymouth Bay 10k

WEY 10k - Ray in the finish (11-03-2018) Ben (Renshaw) has won the Weymouth Bay 10k this morning. In a field of 238 runners, he finished first along the esplanade at the Weymouth harbour front in a time of 33:56 min. His time marks a new record on the course which had been 35:26 min. so far. It is Ben’s first win in three races that he has done this year. Together with Ben, 8 more Bridport Runners started on the field near the Riviera Hotel in Weymouth: Chris who came in second Bridport Runner, Clive as third, John, who made an impressive comeback after a longer injury period as 4th Bridport Runner, Claire, Hagen, Ray, Glynis and Vicky (see all results). Together they made Bridport Runners one of the strongest teams in the event.

The Weymouth Bay 10k also turned out to be a mothers day event, as well, with Vicky and Ben bringing Ben’s mother Kay and their daughter Martha along and Claire being accompanied by husband John and daughters Esme and Isabel. Commenting on the race, Claire said: “It was challenging, because of the start running round a hilly field and the headwind at the end. Not exactly PB potential but fun nether the less. And what better way to spend mothers day than with friends running a 10k race and being cheered on by my lovely family!”