Ex-Beginners master the 10 miles of The Great South Run

br-jess-rachel-and-tess-after-the-great-south-run-23-10-2016Jess, Rachel and Tess, three of Bridport Runners’ former Beginners Group members, have shown today what they are really capable of: They started this morning in The Great South Run, a 10 mile race taking place every year in Portsmouth, which was live broadcasted on TV. All three ladies had completed the Beginners Group not very long ago and had started training and preparation for this race months ahead; Jess also benefited from an 8 week individualised coaching programme provided by Bridport Runners’ Coaching team. Among 25,000 runners the three Bridport Runners finished their race in brilliant times – 1 hr 36 min. (Jess; just as Coach Brian had predicted), 01:55 hr. (Rachel) and 02:06 hr. (Tess). Congratulations to all three of you!!!

Meanwhile, Les and Dean raced the Weymouth 10, a 10 mile race along the seafront at Weymouth this morning. Among 196 finishers, Dean came in as No. 44 in 1 hr 16 min. 36 sec., while Les finished as 146th in a time of 01:35:45 hr. Well done, Les and Dean!

Club celebrates its first Coach in Running Fitness

clive-whaleyBridport Runners are pleased to announce the appointment of their first every fully qualified Coach in Running Fitness. Our very own Clive Whaley recently qualified at an Assessment Day in Southampton, organised by England Athletics, after nearly a year of learning and trying out the techniques on willing (and not so willing!) members of the Club. The course covered Core Coaching Skills, Fundamental Running Skills and Drills, Athlete Development, Planning & Delivering Training and more. It is all geared towards the sort of club that we are, i.e. road and trail running rather than a traditional track and field athletics club. Clive said: “It has been hard work and has involved a big time commitment but I have learnt a lot, and I hope that this will help me to produce better and more motivated runners within the Club. Although I am the first, I hope it won’t be long before I am joined by Brian, who is also in the final stages of taking the full coach qualification.” Clive  would also like to encourage some of our newer runners to take the basic Leadership in Running Fitness qualification, so that more people are there to help growing the Club.

Bournemouth Marathon Festival: Triple success for Bridport Runners Ben, Sam and Niamh

Sam Rose in the Bournemouth Marathon 2016In last weekend’s Bournemouth Marathon Festival, the three participating Bridport Runners performed strongly in all three races. Sam Rose, who was running on the free Club place, tackled the marathon in 3 hrs. 30 min 13 sec. and finished 210th out of more than 2,000 starters in the “big race”. Ben Renshaw competed in the half-marathon and reached the finish line after 1:18:14 – as 11th out of 3.333 participants and first in his age group of male under 35s! Niamh Vercoe, who started in the Supersonic 10k race the day before, finished in 59 min. 01 sec. and was very pleased to break the hour. Well done to all three of you! Please see all results here.

Get ‘From Couch to 5k’ before the clocks change!

5th Beginners Class after doing the Park Run in Weymouth with Coaches Brian (6th from left) and Clive (2nd from right)Before the clocks change, Bridport Runners will launch their next beginners group ‘From Couch to 5k’. This six weeks’ course is tailored to get every participant fit to run 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) without stopping – no matter whether it’s a complete beginner or someone who wants to get back into running after a longer break. The new class starts Wednesday, 12th of October, at 5:45 pm at the Bridport Football Club car park, opposite the Bridport Leisure Centre. The course will then take place every Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 pm until mid of November. Costs of this course are £12 which will be refunded if the participant chooses to join Bridport Runners afterwards. The latest ‘From couch to 5k’ is Bridport Runners’ sixth beginners course since they started Continue reading

Bridport Runners on tour: “Race the Train” and “Race around the Rock”

Race the Train - Jim in the finish (20-08-2016)1h 45m 00s – that was the time to beat the steam train in the, a bit quirky but very challenging “Race the Train” last Saturday. Five “Bridport Runners on tour” travelled all the way to Mid Wales for this event but unfortunately none of them beat the train. The following day, Les and Ben (Renshaw) drove to Portland to start in the “Race around the Rock” 10k event. Turned out that both events were very competitive but also much fun.

Kazy, Brian, Jim, Clive and Hagen had travelled for hours to participate in the 33rd edition of this iconic race against a steam train in the little town of Tywyn on the coast of the Irish Sea. With them, more than 800 runners from all over the United Kingdom and beyond started in the last Continue reading