Adam and Chris come first and second in Maverick Original Dorset race (middle distance)

Adam Slater in Maverick.pngNow, if that wasn’t a successful debut! Five Bridport Runners participated for the first time in the Maverick inov-8 Original Dorset middle distance race (16 kilometres) on the Isle of Purbeck – and Adam won it in 1 hr. 15 min. 9 seconds! Second came another quick Bridport Runner, Chris, in a time of 1:18:37! Next Bridport Runners to finish in a field of 135 competitors were Tony as 56th in 1:48:51, Vicky (72nd) in 1:50:58 and Ruth in 1:57:48 (90th). See all results here.

Winner Adam praised both the course and the organisation of the event: “Purbeck is an amazing place to run with rolling hills and a bigger mix of terrain than we have here, from rocky trails and sandy paths to manicured golf courses, all were included! Brilliantly organised event … Continue reading

Dorchester Lions 10k: Chris storms into Top 10, Les wins 70s age group for third time

Les winning Dorchester 10k age group (06-05-2018)Chris and Les were waving Bridport Runners’ colours last Sunday, when they competed fiercely in the Dorchester Lions 10k. Chris stormed into the Top 10 and finished 9th out of 263 runners in a time of 45:58 min. Les repeated his victories from the 2015 and 2016 races in Dorchester and, once more, won his age group (over 70s) in 1:09:15; see all results here. “I came third in my age group, so was pretty pleased”, commented Chris after the event. “It’s a nice race but pretty hilly, going up and around Maiden Castle. It might be a good one to add to the Bridport Runners’ championship next year.” Despite having some issues this time around, Les was also pleased: “This time I had opposition, as there were four runners in my age group! Unfortunately, I had an injury to contend with, it was very hot, and the new route went over the top of Maiden Castle.” Nevertheless, quite an achievement from both runners. Well done, Chris and Les!

‘From Couch to 5k’: Last chance to join new course

Bridport Runners’ first session of the new ‘From Couch to 5k’ was quite a success: Last Wednesday, eight women and two men started their 6 weeks training program which will get every participant fit to run 5 kilometres (about 3 miles) without stopping. There are still a few spaces left for anyone coming to the second lesson tomorrow. Training will start Wednesday, 2nd of May, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm at the Bridport Football Club car park and will cost £12. All training sessions will be led by Bridport Runners’ qualified coaches. To take part, please contact Bridport Runners’ Chair Brian (tel. 01308 459942) beforehand.

Dorset Mental Health Forum gets donation from 2017 Bridport Jurassic Coast Run for sports and social project “Reach”

Dorset Mental Health Forum gets donation from Bridport Jurassic Coast Run (26 April 2018)Bridport Runners and Brit Valley Rotary Club, the organisers of the annual Bridport Jurassic Coast Run, have given a donation of £1,000 to a local project which is run by the independent mental health charity, the Dorset Mental Health Forum: The Forum project “Reach”, which has been running for eight years, acknowledges how important getting out, being active and social is for everyone but especially for those in recovery from mental health issues. Reach aims to encourage people to take part in a county wide range of daily sports and social activities from friendly coffee groups through to fast paced seven-a-side football, all of which led by a Forum peer worker. Continue reading

Clive on a 50-miles-mission

Clive after the Bubcombe Trail Ultra (28-04-2018)Lovely landscape, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) and a route around six pubs in the Mendip Hills. Sounds like a nice run? Only downside: it’s bloody 50 miles long ... This is the Butcombe Trail Ultramarathon in which Clive started around 7 am this morning. 12 hours later he texted: “That was so hard. Not quite sure why I did it but I’m proud to have done 50 miles. Now I have a craving for a large cold beer and a pork pie.” Well, we don’t really know either why you did it, Clive, but If there was ever anyone who deserved a beer after a race, it’s probably you. Well done!